More Fireworks Videos

Here are some more fireworks videos – examples of the types of great wholesale fireworks carried by Mean Gene Fireworks.

OBM – 500 Gram Repeater – Fireworks

One Bad Mother-in-Law! One inlaw you will want to invite back. 16 shot 500 gram cake with 32 different colors.

Premium Artillery Shells

Super Premium canister shells with fiberglass launch tubes.

Saturday Night Special

Comets with tails, burst to bouquets, flying fish, spinners, whistling tails with reports and crackling bouquets!

Sexy Rider 500 gram cake

A bad ass cake called sexy rider. Huge breaks with great sound.

Three Kings

Three Kings. Each case contains two each of three different 7-shot 350 gram masterpieces. Enormous breaks!

Powderhouse – TNT Fireworks

16 shot – red tail – gold willow – red star; green tail – gold willow – green star; blue tail – gold willow – blue star.

Pro Canister Shells 24 Pack

24 piece – ultra premium 60 gram canister shells – dot compliant with 4 tubes.

100 Shot Saturn Missile Battery

These whistling missiles fly skyward in rapid succession and reports can be heard from miles away.

Tomorrowland 2010 Swedish House Mafia 

Tomorrowland – an amazing rockstar / fireworks show by Swedish House Mafia.

24’S THUNDER STRUCK – Winda – P5449

Opens with a Silver Spider spread accompanied by red Dahlias changing to King of Brocade Crown with white strobe tips to time rain willow impressive break ending.

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