Roman Candles

Serial Roman Candle - Roman Candles - Mean Gene FireworksRoman Candles are a firework that is sure to please everyone! A Roman Candle is a long, cylindrical tube-shaped device that ejects a series of stars or colored balls into the air. Roman candles are a traditional type of firework that ejects one or more stars or exploding shells. Most roman candles have five or more balls and come in a variety of sizes.

Roman Candles for sale by Mean Gene Fireworks in Washington.
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ROMAN CANDLESBIG STICK SUPER CANDLE100 Shot - A shower of multi-colored pearls with loud banging reports
ROMAN CANDLES196 SHOT WAR MACHINE196 colorful shots in this super candle
ROMAN CANDLES5 BALL HEAVY SHOTHard hitting 8 pack of multi-effect candles
ROMAN CANDLES5 BALL NEON CANDLE5 pack of hard bright colored and hard-hitting candles
ROMAN CANDLES120 SHOT CANDLE ASSORTMENTGreat 12 pack of multi-effect candles
ROMAN CANDLESFOUR ELEMENTS 5 BALL CANDLE4 pack of candles, all with a different effect. Hits like a mortar! A literal hand cannon!
ROMAN CANDLESBREAK OF DAWNRoman candles from Winda/ following effects. 1. Red Wave; 2. Green Wave; 3. Silver Wave; 4. Silver chrysanthemum

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