Fountain Fireworks

Firefighter - p3104 - Mean Gene FireworksFountain fireworks have an extraordinary visual effect. If you’re looking for a colorful stream of sparks , you’ll want to include fountains in your firework display. These stationary fireworks will produce a magical show of color, crackle, glitter and whistle from the ground up to 12 feet (will vary per item).

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Fountain fireworks for sale by Mean Gene Fireworks in Washington.
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FOUNTAINSFORTUNE SOLDIER"Trophy" shape fountain! Loaded with effects including pine needle, crackle, whistle, chrysanthemum and multi-color stars
FOUNTAINSGROUND BLOOM FOUNTAINWhile the fountain flowers end, the surprised finales bring 20 ground blooms spinners then ground crackling!
FOUNTAINSSNOW CONEThe Best Selling Fountain In Town! Check It Out!!!. Various color fish, multi-stage ti-fountain, powerful spring flowers with blue/red/green pearls
FOUNTAINSNAUGHTY BOYSA cute crackling fountain lasting over 90seconds
FOUNTAINSMOBY DICKA whale of a fountain with an amazing assortment of effects! Includes blue titanium, red, green, yellow and blue fish, geyser effects, and more
FOUNTAINSONE TOUGH COOKIEA fighter of a fountain, One Tough Cookie jabs with gold glittering, red and green pearls, crackling stars, whistles, and gold pine. Ends with an uppercut of popping stars
FOUNTAINSPYRO ENGINEEngine spins in high speed with color torches spitting on the top and side at the same time
FOUNTAINS5 MINUTE SAFARISuper long lasting fountain with simply too many effects to list

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