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When it comes to fireworks for the 4th of July, nobody does it like Mean Gene. Mean Gene offers a BIG selection of fireworks. Choose from a wide assortment of the most popular fireworks available at one of our many locations throughout Vancouver, WA.

Since 1985 it has been my goal to provide families with the most comprehensive firework selections at rock bottom prices. I have handpicked only the best and most impressive fireworks selection on the West Coast.

When you want the BIGGEST shell legally available turn to the PRO SHELL. This 60 gram canister shell has 4 launch tubes and 24 different shells. If you’ve been looking for the Excalibur, you’ll love the PRO SHELL. Read more…

If you are truly serious about your 4th of July fireworks, you will love the great selection of 500 gram maximum load finale repeaters and the #1 rated mortar in Washington state. From M500 cakes to flying novelties, we have it all:

  • Assortments
  • Flying Novelties
  • Fountain
  • M500 – multi shot repeaters 500 grams
  • Mortars and Artillery Shells
  • Multi shot repeaters
  • Novelties
  • Roman Candles
  • Sparklers

In addition to our discount fireworks and fireworks specials, this year we make wholesale fireworks available. But don’t wait as these special prices are available for a limited time only!!!

Since our fireworks are directly imported from China we have been able to cut out the middle man allowing us to have the best prices on Vancouver fireworks (not to mention Camas fireworks).  Visit one of our 11 locations throughout southwestern Washington, where we supply fireworks in Vancouver Washington as well as servicing Camas Washington fireworks seekers.

OPEN JULY 5th – We’re the ONLY fireworks stand that is open on July 5th. Want to stock up for next year? You can’t beat these special last time buys. Two locations:


Safety First –
: “Make this year’s holiday the safest ever. Follow these safety tips to protect your safety as well as the safety of others. The National Council on Fireworks Safety recommends these safety tips:

  • Always read and follow label directions
  • Have an adult supervise all fireworks activities
  • Buy from reliable sources
  • Ignite outdoors, away from buildings and vehicles
  • Keep a bucket of water handy
  • Never experiment or attempt to make your own fireworks
  • Light fireworks one at a time
  • Never re-ignite malfunctioning fireworks
  • Store fireworks in a cool, dry place
  • Never throw fireworks at another person
  • Never shoot fireworks in metal or glass containers
  • Eye protection should always be worn by the fireworks shooter
  • No part of the shooter’s body should be over the firework

Enjoy one-stop shopping for all your firework needs. Nobody does it better than Mean Gene Fireworks, simply the best supplier of Vancouver WA fireworks! Stop by one of our fireworks stands.

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