Fireworks Assortment Packs

4th-of-july-backpack-mean-gene-fireworksYou’ll love our pre-packaged fireworks assortment packs. Assortment paks are a great way to go when you want a variety of fireworks to enjoy. Our assortments are filled with best mix of some of our most popular items. Fireworks Assortments are also a great value! The items in the assortment kits would be much higher if purchased separately. See for yourself why Mean Gene fireworks assortments are so popular.

Fireworks Assortment Paks for sale by Mean Gene Fireworks in Washington.
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ASSORTMENTSP00234TH OF JULY BACKPACKPopular kids assortment, with 10 fun novelty fireworks
ASSORTMENTSP0001AIR FIGHTERAerial assortment including artillery shells, missiles, and multi shot cakes
ASSORTMENTS187AMERICAS ASSORTMENTNice assortment of mostly aerial repeaters and shells with a few things for the kids as well
ASSORTMENTS464BIG BAG ASSORTMENTGood assortment for the kids of mostly novelties and fountains
ASSORTMENTSP0022MARS ATTACKSPut on an aerial show with 13 multi shot cakes and 2 artillery shell packs
ASSORTMENTS146STARS AND STRIPES ASSORTMENTMedium sized assortment with novelties, shells, cakes and fountains. A bit of everything!
ASSORTMENTS151WONDERFUL NIGHTNice medium sized aerial assorment.

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