M500 Fireworks

High Falutin - Mean Gene FireworksWhen you want the BIG deal consider the M550 series of fireworks. Some popular occasions are graduation, 4th of July fireworks, big festivals or big games. Nothing says fireworks like the M500.

M500s for sale by Mean Gene Fireworks in Washington.
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M 500P5317AMAZING BALLET222shot Fantastic cake with a ton of shots and varying noise and visual effects. *Top seller!
M 500BP2975BLONDE JOKELong lasting and high flying this great cake has a big 12 shot finish. *Staff favorite!
M 5003601BLURRED LINESShoots of 20 big shots in rapid succession folowed by a 5 shot finale
M 500834CRYPT KEEPERFun multi level cake with big breaks
M 500BP2502GUNSLINGER25shot Excellent high flying 25 shot cake with big breaks and 3 shot finish
M 500BP2457HIGH FALUTIN'Long lasting 49 shot cake with excellent finale. *Staff favorite!
M 500BP2458HIT THE ROAD JACKExcellent multi effect cake with 49 big shots
M 5003605LAST RIGHTSNice repeater with 30 big breaks and report
M 500P5446NOTORIOUSReally nice double layered cake with a variety of effects
M 500 3620PANDEMIC25 shots of multi colored mines to palms with long tails and a nice finale
M 500P5331ROAD TO AMERICA172shot Super exciting finale cake with huge side to side breaks!
M 5001502ROCK YOU BABY49shot Big cake is well paced and colorful for a nice finale
M 5001683SMOKIN' ACESWhistling tails explode into huge colorul bursts. A real heavy hitter
M 500P5350SUPER STUNT12 big multicolor shots with huge spread up to 300'! Big 3 shot finish. *Staff favorite!
M 500804SYCHRONISITYHuge 312shot finishing cake with varying effects
M 5003888THE GREAT ONENew to the US market!!! Ultra long lasting multi effect repeater
M 5001670THIS IS OUR COUNTRYBig 179 shot cake is great for a finale
M 5001684WE WILL ROCK YOUHuge 220 shot multi effect finale cake

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