Fountain Fireworks

Firefighter - p3104 - Mean Gene FireworksFountain fireworks have an extraordinary visual effect. If you’re looking for a colorful stream of sparks , you’ll want to include fountains in your firework display. These stationary fireworks will produce a magical show of color, crackle, glitter and whistle from the ground up to 12 feet (will vary per item).

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Fountain fireworks for sale by Mean Gene Fireworks in Washington.
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FOUNTAINSP3104FIRE FIGHTERLong lasting, loud crackling fountain
FOUNTAINSP3103FORTUNE SOLDIERPopular long lasting fountain with a lot of color and varying effect. Over the minutes long!
FOUNTAINSP3066GROUND BLOOM FOUNTAINReally fun fountain that kicks out ground bloom flowers at the end. Kid faviorite!
FOUNTAINSBP4247JUMBOSHELL FOUNTAINLong lasting fountain with a nice variety of effects
FOUNTAINSBP4244KEG PARTYSuper fun fountain that flips over twords the end for a multi effect finish. *Staff favorite!
FOUNTAINSW499AKILLER BEELoud little fountains. Good bang for the buck
FOUNTAINSBP4264PURE FANTASYGreat durration on this crowd pleasing multi effect fountain. *Top seller
FOUNTAINS2528TOMMY ROCKSHigh powered fountain lasting 100 seconds. Loud crackles reaching 12 feet in height
FOUNTAINSBP4222WIZARD'S HATClassic style fountain shoots high and long.

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