Mortars and Artillery Shells

Pro Shells - Mean Gene FireworksMortars and Artillery Shells are consumer versions of the mortar-based fireworks used in commercial fireworks displays and add great value to any July 4th. Artillery Shells are fireworks shells that range in size and effect. Artillery Shells are sometimes referred to as Mortars, Reloadables or Festival Balls.

Mortars and Artillery Shells for sale by Mean Gene Fireworks in Washington.
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MORTARS & ARTILLERY SHELLSBP2919/GAMERICAN CHIEFHigh flying 12 pack of ball shells, each with a different effect
MORTARS & ARTILLERY SHELLS3610COURAGE UNDER FIRE72 shells, 112 breaks and 8 launching tubes! Stands 5 feet tall!
MORTARS & ARTILLERY SHELLSBP-A052DESPERADOShell kit containing 36 shells and 108 breaks. Double, triple and quad breaks
MORTARS & ARTILLERY SHELLSSP-008-6FESTIVAL BALLSClassic 6 pack of colorful shells
MORTARS & ARTILLERY SHELLS925HD SHELLSExcellent mortar package with 24 super colorful maximum load shells
MORTARS & ARTILLERY SHELLS954HERCULES (ASSORTMENT)Nice assortment of single, doulbe AND triple break mortars!
MORTARS & ARTILLERY SHELLS957INDIRECT FIREMortar pack with 24 shells and two tubes. Single, double and triple break shells
MORTARS & ARTILLERY SHELLS2014NUCLEAR 2424 big break shells of varying effect
MORTARS & ARTILLERY SHELLSRL220NUNCHAKUS6 pack of double break mortars
MORTARS & ARTILLERY SHELLS905PRO SHELLSTop notch maximum load mortar shells! 24 high flying big breaks, with different effects *Top seller!!!
MORTARS & ARTILLERY SHELLSBP-A053-2/24QUESTGreat new shell package containing 12 ball shells and 6 canister shells
MORTARS & ARTILLERY SHELLSBP-A011/USERIOUS EQUIPMENT (ASSORTMENT)Giant mortar assortment with 48 shells and 82 breaks. Lots of variety here.
MORTARS & ARTILLERY SHELLSSP-R-3520SUPER SAVER ARTILLERY SHELL-6Starter sized 6 pack of artillery shells
MORTARS & ARTILLERY SHELLSW520WHISTLING BUSTERClassic 6 pack of colorful whistling shells

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