Novelty Fireworks

Torpedo Cracker Snaps -Novelties - Mean Gene FireworksNovelty Fireworks include a group of fireworks that including smoke balls, cracklers,and ground spinners. They can shoot white smoke, or even multi-color parachutes. The ever popular pop pop snappers is a favorite novelty firework.

Novelty Fireworks for sale by Mean Gene Fireworks in Washington.
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NOVELTIESSP1901ARMY PARACHUTEPuts off some smoke and crackles, and shoots off a full on action figure with a parachute
NOVELTIES0860ACOLOR SMOKE BALLMulti colored smoke balls
NOVELTIES0205ACRACKLING BALLSFun, loud and bright cracklers
NOVELTIES0901BGROUND BLOOM FLOWERThe classic ground spinners
NOVELTIESBP7099HHAIL STORMFun item that shoots out colorful crackling shots
NOVELTIEST3500JUMPING JACKSPack full of tiny little spinners that jump around
NOVELTIESGM807MAMMOTH SMOKEBillows out white smoke for nearly 90 seconds
NOVELTIES3092REAL AMERICAN HERODaytime parachute that drops a full sized movable action figure
NOVELTIES0-160PARACHUTE BATTALIONShoots a bunch of multi color parachutes
NOVELTIEST8500POP POP SNAPPERSThrow em down, and they pop. Classic item!
NOVELTIESK1131SNAKESEverybody knows, you light it and it grows!
NOVELTIESW705TANK W/ REPORTA classic novelty that rolls across the ground and shoots sparks with reports
NOVELTIES30101FIRECRACKER SNAPSBUY 1 GET 1 FREE! Like firecrackers without lighting a fuse. SUPER LOUD!

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