Roman Candles

Serial Roman Candle - Roman Candles - Mean Gene FireworksRoman Candles are a firework that is sure to please everyone! A Roman Candle is a long, cylindrical tube-shaped device that ejects a series of stars or colored balls into the air. Roman candles are a traditional type of firework that ejects one or more stars or exploding shells. Most roman candles have five or more balls and come in a variety of sizes.

Roman Candles for sale by Mean Gene Fireworks in Washington.
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ROMAN CANDLES31805 BALL THUNDERSTICK5 pack roman candle assortment
ROMAN CANDLESK2274C10 BALL CRACKLING CANDLE10 crackling shots gives a nice performance
ROMAN CANDLESBP3092BAMBOO BANGERSPopular candles with 8 colorful shots and report
ROMAN CANDLES1906BIG STICK SUPER CANDLE100 loud and colorful shots
ROMAN CANDLESP4015BREAK OF DAWN5 shot candle with really big high flying shots
ROMAN CANDLESBP3201CHERRY ON TOP10 colorful shots with crackles
ROMAN CANDLES1905NEON TRACER196 big bright neon shots. Super colorful!
ROMAN CANDLES2923BIG STICK SUPER CANDLE10 big shots with big breaks. Shoots off almost like mortar shells

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