Multi Shot Repeaters 500 Grams

Evil Enemy 36 Shots - Multishot Repeaters - Mean Gene FireworksWhen you want the biggest bang for your buck, the Multi Shot Repeaters 500 grams (cakes) are the largest fireworks allowed by federal law without a license! Mean Gene Fireworks has a great selection of multi-shot repeaters that can be found at our locations throughout the Vancouver Washington area.

Multi Shot Repeaters for sale by Mean Gene Fireworks in Washington.
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MULTI SHOT REPEATERS2940ACID RAINGreat bang for your buck on this colorful cake. Nice 4 shot finale!
MULTI SHOT REPEATERSBP2222AIRBORNE OPERATIONSFun cake with cool effects, noises and of course parachuters. Very unique!
MULTI SHOT REPEATERSP5126BIG N BADGreat cake with big powerful breaks. *Staff favorite!
MULTI SHOT REPEATERS728BLACK LABELHuge display in a medium package. Big 10 break finish
MULTI SHOT REPEATERSP5011BUMP BEARGreat cake! 16 good sized breaks in one little package.
MULTI SHOT REPEATERS1999CRACKIN SKULLS16shot Loud multi color, multi effect cake
MULTI SHOT REPEATERS2533JESSE JAMES25shot Fun cake with five multi effect breaks at a time over five rounds
MULTI SHOT REPEATERSBP2449MOBILE MENACEGreat multi effect cake with 35 shots, a big spread and nice finale
MULTI SHOT REPEATERS2929NATIONAL ANTHEMThis cake starts with colorful comets, and ends with a sky filling bang
MULTI SHOT REPEATERSP5142SIMON SUMMONNice multi leveled multi effect cake, with big sky filling crackles
MULTI SHOT REPEATERSBP2190WELDERMedium sized cake that hits like a big one. 8 colorful shots!

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